Our designers have the ability to extract the winning formula from your initial ideas and develop them into practical, flexible and inspiring creations.

Established in 1958, AM System has created designed spaces for some of the most successful businesses in their respective fields in Europe. AM System works in partnership with their clients, constantly reviewing how every design fits with the brief, the budget and current best practice in changing times by constantly challenging themselves to deliver quality, environmentally sustainable solutions that combine creativity, durability and flexibility.

  • Retail

    We are industry leaders in designing outlets and shop-in-shop concepts within the electrical, photographic, sports & leisure, coffee shops & restaurants, footwear and telecommunications sectors, AM System has developed a thorough understanding of how major brands and major retailers operate, and the various problems that they face when running successful, profitable businesses.

  • Museums and heritage

    Our experience of working with many of the top museum and leisure groups means we can provide knowledge-based solutions to any design and implementation project

  • Commercial and offices

    Our experience of working with groups like Royal Mail and Virgin Active provides a varied, background experience that makes AM System a safe bet to deliver your project creatively and cost-effectively

AM System provides a broad, European perspective when undertaking all design work, whether that design work is retail, heritage, leisure or commercial based.